The most beautiful and best convertible of its time

The Mercedes-Benz W 110 is a passenger car of the upper middle class. Vehicles of this type were produced between 1961 and 1968 and replaced the “Ponton series” W 120/W 121. Colloquially, the W 110 was referred to as the “small tail fin”. It shared the body (“unit body”) with the essentially identical W 111 (“large tail fin”), which had already been launched in 1959.

If you were looking for a comfortable convertible for your whole family, you couldn’t get past the W111 Mercedes Cabriolet in the 1960s. The 220 SE Cabriolet was presented at the IAA in 1961.

This convertible was unrivaled in its time. The renowned car magazines literally overflowed with superlatives. For many, the W111 was the “car of the future”. It was a carefully constructed car, which the customer could expect for all the money. The magazine Auto Motor und Sport tested the new coupĂ©. Reinhard Seiffert behind the steering wheel could not find a “hair in the soup,” so perfect was the new car.

Lots of wood and leather provided an exclusive ambience inside, which was furnished for five people. “Nothing spared inside or out” was Seiffert’s summary in his test report.

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